Orange Drop Caps

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Orange Drop Caps

Postby coop402 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:44 pm

Sometimes I love living in Dallas. They have Tanner Electronics. There are some amazing NOS, bulk, etc.
Lots of times you can get amazing capacitors for 1/10th of what you might pay, especially the big electrolytics.
These were not super cheap, BUT, pretty darn cheap!
Panasonic and Nichicon come to mind. The other day I was in there and they has a whole box full full of Sprague Orange Drops. .2 600v, 99 cents a piece.
Close enough! Lol. Sorry about the bad picture.

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Re: Orange Drop Caps

Postby jwhitmor » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:01 pm

Yes... Mouser, (ships from Texas) had none to sell me yesterday. I expect their computer said, "These do not turn over fast enough." So they sold them to surplus, to recoup the capital in them. Good for you! I have some WIMA caps I will use in their place. Several times I have told vendors, " I come here because I can get things no one else sells,. The rest of the stuff I can buy anywhere." The vendors pay no attention. Some college professor told their hot shot management grad, what the customer wants is nothing to be particularly concerned about. It only matters if 10,000 posts on Facebook all complain about the same thing.
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