Sonido SWR069 80 litres bass reflex

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Sonido SWR069 80 litres bass reflex

Postby soundbrigade » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:19 am

Just recently I did realize how good my small horn speakers are, designed by and equipped with drivers from Hungarian company Sonido. I did find some photos from the build that started 10 years ago.
When I had a few friends over a few months ago, I had moved furniture around in order to get a good listening area and then I understood that the 5" fullrange drivers can move a lot of air even at very low frequencies.

Over the years I have proudly shown my stuff at various DIY-meetings and been writing a lot about them at various forums and I think I have managed to impress people, maybe to the level that Istvan Varga at Sonido sent me a mail asked me if I wanted to have a pair of his newly developed oval 6 by 9 drivers - SWR069.
Have?!, I had to ask, Like getting a pair for free???

So, a package containing two of the new oval drivers and a pair of the 6,5" FR drivers for hornspeakers with the AlNiCo-magnets arrived. The 6,5" drivers were ordered by one of my friends intrigued by the heavier magnets, as he had tried out the ferro version earlier (and was very happy).

As the hole for the driver is oval (elliptical) I have out-sourced the milling job to a company outside Gothenburg. Not only will I have oval holes, but I will have the boxes built and the annoying joints that NEVER can be hidden, whatever you do. I do hope the $500 paid for the work will do me and my drivers proud.

About the drivers:
They are 6" by 9", fullrange drivers with an AlNiCo magnet. They are designed to operate in a (big) BR-box of 80 litres.

swr069-1.jpg (85.68 KiB) Viewed 56 times

swr069-2.jpg (101.58 KiB) Viewed 56 times

I have full data somewhere, but where?! (???) I did gather all diagrams and T/S-parameters with sketches of the boxes and print the lot out .... *)

Here's the T-S:
Fs: 36Hz
Mmd: 15.7599 grams
Mmms: 17.9112 grams
Cms: 1.0912 mm/N
Rms: 1.095 kg/s
Vas: 90 litre
Xmax: 2.5 mm
Sc: 241 cm2
Re: 6.1 Ohm
Le: 0.4 mH
BI: 7.8603 T/m
Qms: 3.7
Qes: 0.4
Qts: 0.361
no: 1.0181 %
SPL: 92.08 dB 1W/1m
SPL: 93.26 dB 2.83V/1m

I will go and look for the freq response.

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Re: Sonido SWR069 80 litres bass reflex

Postby Geek » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:24 pm

Ooooo, I love oval drivers :))

Can't wait for the finished project (wine)
-= Gregg =-
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