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Datasheets, Projects, Knowledge Base, Etc.

Duncan's Amp Pages

Fred Nachbaur's Dogstar Music Tube Projects ... TF-8&hl=en

Gary Kaufman's Tube Page

Gary Kaufman's Dynaco Page

John Broskie's Tube CAD - Highly Recommended!

Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages (huge 2GB library)

Claudio Bonavolta - A Favorite Resource

Electron Tube Data Sheets

Bunker of Doom
A virtual compendium of tubes, trannies, radio stuff, militaria, boat anchors, old computers, etc.
Hint: Scroll down past the huge image.

Dmitry Nizhegorodov's Tube Audio Projects

Spectrumanalyzer, Oscilloscope und Wave Generator with the help of a soundcard and the audioTester

Nolan's Redneck Boatanchor Page!

Minimus 7 History

Nice Site Dedicated to the Building of a Bottlehead Seduction

A Discrete FET Guitar Preamp

6C45P RIAA phono preamps

Stereophile Review of the EAR 324 Phono Preamp
This review has a ton of test data in it. Gives us DIYers an idea of what to achieve regarding specs. ... index.html

KAB - Phono people with some great calculators (RIAA and preamp gain)

Explore the Wonders of Direct Heating
The society for audiophiles enjoying music through the Sakuma system

dB Calculator ... lc_en.html

AudioXpress Goodies ... /index.htm

Learn to Handwire a 300B Amp

Interesting site, interesting projects, links to tube sites

DIY Dealers

Triode Electronics Online

Rebuild Your Dynaco Amp or Build a New One

Ned Carlson's TubeZone

Jim McShane - Need Tubes? Got a H-K Citation (Pre) Amp?

Neal Van Berg's Sound Science

More software from John Broskie

Antique Electronic Supply

Angela Instruments

Doc Bottlehead, All triodes all the time.
Phono stages, linestages, SET amps using 2A3 or 300B.
Well designed kits, speaker peojects, Magnequest iron, some parts.

Handmade Electronics

Ron Welborne - Well Known for His DHT SET Monoblocks

John Atwood's One Electron Transformer Company

SET Tubes from a Direct Supplier in China

Dedicated to advancing the state of the art in affordable high end audio.

Euphonia Audio - James Supplier ... /index.php


BOI Audioworks
They carry vacuum tubes and related components for HiFi Audio, Guitar amplifiers and Radio.

Western Electric (now EI owner)

Music & Misc

A premiere 24 hour lindy hop, blues, jazz internet radio station for hep cats.
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