Impending Experiment w/Source Audio Dirt Pedals..

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Impending Experiment w/Source Audio Dirt Pedals..

Postby devanxom » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:50 pm

So after last nights rehearsal, I decided having 3 to 4 OD's and boosts is not ideal for live playing. I LOVE my pedals but I am going to grab either the LA Lady or Kingmaker and see how close I can match my favorite OD's and fuzzes.

I have heard some great clips of both pedals so I am looking forward to the challenge and ALSO looking forward to doing an unbiased side-to-side comparison with my pedals and the Source ones to see how well there sound engines can hang.


Since both pedals can load the same sound engines, I will probably grab the Kingmaker as it is a sexy ass purple! LOL! Yes, that is how I make decisions...

I also love that there is a built in noise gate to get rid of unwanted his/noise and also you can run parallel drives.

Vids will definitely follow.
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