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Postby nyazzip » Sun May 10, 2009 2:06 am

last night i had the epiphany that this amp might be much quieter than my 2 epiphone valve juniors because it has a 3 part tone section, and the VJs have none...is this likely?
it also sounds ALOT "better"(scooped out mids) than the VJs...just too quiet. so, is it possible to "jumper" the tone section and audition the amp with that circuitry bypassed?
is it possible that a 5 watt amp with no tone circuitry can be as loud as a 15 watt amp with tone controls?
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Postby cartoonweirdo » Sun May 10, 2009 6:46 pm

without looking at the amp I can only say the following: If you are going to bypass the tone stack make sure that there is a dc blocking cap (coupling cap) between the plate of the stage before and the grid of the stage after the tone stack. Also make sure there is a resistor to ground from the grid of the later stage (this resistor is usually around 1 meg.). Make sure to unhook the tone stack when you do this or it will be in parallel with the new bypass you just added.
Most amps with a 3 knob tone stack have a dedicated recovery stage after the tone stage to bring voltages back to line level before they are sent on to the phase splitter. If yours does not, that could well be the problem. In that event feel free to try any of the "single knob" tone controls (Fender Champ or Deluxe) as they come out the other end louder.

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