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Walnut Burl Darling amp with Custom turned Transformer cover

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:54 am
by coop402
Turnkey Darling Kit

Folks, I listed a picture of this a while back, and have since had to move on to another emergency.


This amp case is some of my best work ever.

It has all tubes, Antek Transformer, inside mount 5k 15w edcors output transformers.
1944 NOS 1626 tubes, A couple of different 12sl7s (I will throw in).
All tube sockets are mounted, transformer is mounted. Din plug is mounted on back along with speaker connections and preamp in.
You just need to bolt in the output transformers, the new triad choke. and supply the caps and resistors.
As with all the deals I do on diytube. I will throw in some extra things, that you probably can use. LOL

Sorry about the sideways photo. lol.

$300 plus the cost of shipping, via paypal.