slow death spiral

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Re: slow death spiral

Postby Quad » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:01 am

mesherm (Mike Sherman), I am so happy to see your post - it has been a
long time since we have seen any post from you. The "Advanced Snake Oil" thread you started
has had such a long life :)
The tiny Amplimo toroid build you posted here was cool (pics below) and inspiring and I got a VTA board from
you to build my first tube amp with Trafomatic toroid OPTs.


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Re: slow death spiral

Postby kheper » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:34 pm

Can we attribute diytube's "slow death spiral" to the evil monstrosity that is FaceBook? (I know I'd like to.)
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Re: slow death spiral

Postby jwhitmor » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:19 pm

I still enjoy diytube. Like the others, I am sometimes too busy to build equipment, but I still have the tools, and parts to do it. Shannon Parks and Tom McNally have done an exceptional job of running the board(s). I learned a great deal from everyone that posted here; questions, and answers, photos, and information. Diytube fills a very significant gap in tube audio. At the top are the very nice, but way too expensive, commercial offerings. I always wanted to own a tube amp from Audio Research, but the family needed a roof over their head more. Then at the bottom are some Asian imports, where many compromises were made to get the parts cost in line with the shipping cost, and to satisfy the budget market. Here I got information and printed circuit boards to build equipment as good as my ears. Shannon has a recent video where he answers questions. He said that, "someday" he would like to get back to this type of interaction. Someday may never come, but I hope most of us are still here if it does. 2355 registered users are not wrong. This is a great pursuit for those who are interested.

For the record... I have no Facebook account, and I never will. (evil)
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Re: slow death spiral

Postby jwhitmor » Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:24 pm

OK, maybe 2000 of the registered members are - EBAY tube sellers - but that still leaves 355 of us diehard enthusiasts.
If it is not making X-rays, your B+ is too low.
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Re: slow death spiral

Postby dannyr » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:23 am

I just figured that facebook groups hurt this place. Most forums that I go to are all ghost towns these days:(
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Re: slow death spiral

Postby jukingeo » Sun Mar 21, 2021 2:17 pm

Hello All,

I was going to create a post like this myself, but noticed this thread and decided to chime in. I have a returned here a week ago as I was dusting off some of my old planned tube amplifier projects that I have started many years ago, a couple being just over a decade now. The reason for my long hiatus from completing my projects was due to a few moves, the death of my parents and bringing up twin boys. The latter was the primary reason why I stopped working with tubes as I didn't want any inadvertent "accidents" due to curious hands. But now my sons have reached 14 years of age and they are taking on responsibilities and they know if I say not to touch something, they don't touch it. So I figured I could get back to some of the lower voltage and current tube amp designs.

Low and behold when I returned here to diytube last week, it seems that the site is a former shell of what it used to be. This used to be the go-to site for many single ended amplifier projects. While I have received help from many here, obviously the two big standouts where Shannon Parks and his amazing PCB's and of course "reference" builder Tom McNally. Between the two of them (and again those that have helped me in the past), I was assured that whatever I would build would be a success, not only electrically, but sonically too. Coming back here now, it seems as if the two tube amp greats have disappeared. Further, Shannon has stopped producing his PCB's. It seemed that activity here slowed down from 2016 through 2018 and now, as some pointed out in this thread, Diytube has become a ghost town.

I am curious to know what happened? Why did Shannon stop making his boards? Where did everyone go to? I know that Tom is still making his amplifiers as his website is still active, but I don't know where he is 'hanging out' now. Further, what happened to Shannon?

Is there another "go to" diy tube site that came out and everyone is there now?

A big worry of mine now is how much longer this site will remain up. There is a wealth of information here that would be a shame to see that it is lost. Granted I could go to Tom's site directly for assistance, but when I had posted a question here, sometimes I got my answer through someone else as I felt a bit awkward going to Tom all the time. I remember a fellow by the name of Ed Brown and he was another big help here. I have not seen a recent post from him here, either.

I had also noticed that the forums are closed to new registrations, which has me concerned if Shannon is no longer moderating the site.

So I am curious if anyone could give me some information as to what happened here between 2016 and now. Further, I would like to know where everyone went?

I have seen some posts on the DIYAudio site, but nothing that seemed like everyone went there.

I know there seemed to be a hint about Facebook, but really? In all practicality you can't really find information on sites like that. God forbid you want to go back and track down an old can't do that there. So I don't think that could be it. But I know I could be here and stab at possible reasons all day, but it probably is best that someone in the know (here) could tell me what happened.

Thank you,
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