Get*Set*Go coupling Capacitors - Living Large?

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Get*Set*Go coupling Capacitors - Living Large?

Postby jwhitmor » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:41 pm

Looking over my spare parts, I found some coupling capacitors rated for 630 volts. The G*S*G specifies 0.22 uF coupling caps. The ones on my bench are 0.68 uF. Yes, the physical dimensions are a bit large but the leads do fit the holes in a G*S*G PCB, and the case fits in the space allotted. My question is, what problems will they create if I put them in the otherwise stock circuit arrangement? I do not know the driver stage output impedance, so the math does not help me much. There can be a problem with something called, "bias excursion" blocking the output (temporarily) if the value is too large. Bias excursion is highly dependent on the rest of the circuit design in ways I do not understand. I am guessing bass roll off won't be a problem. Anyone have an idea what this high value (0.68uF) might do?
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