6AX5GT dual rectifier tube

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6AX5GT dual rectifier tube

Postby jwhitmor » Mon Dec 16, 2019 1:09 pm

Has anyone had a problem with their 6AX5GT tubes? In probably the first 100 or so, hours of operation, I had two of them fail. The first (RCA) had the heater burn out. The second (Sylvania) developed an open circuit in one half. The second tube had me briefly stumped, because I had music, but it seriously lacked dynamic range, and high end clarity. Fortunately, 6AX5GT tubes are still easy to locate, and inexpensive. Not sure why I am surprised that 60+ year old tubes sometimes fail. Filament voltage is right on.
If it is not making X-rays, your B+ is too low.
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