12au7 to 12sn7

the thermionic watercooler

12au7 to 12sn7

Postby coop402 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 7:18 pm

I hate small tubes.
Building a Rozenblitz grounded grid preamp. I really love the sound. Seriously.

Can anyone tell me how to cleanly move from a 12au7 to an octal 12sn7?
They are not exact, but close. I know they make adapters for guitar amps, however, this is a preamp.
Circuit math is not my strong suit.

Can someone explain to me what I need to do to make this Pristine? I understand how to make sure it has enough power.
I just need to know the difference, to make this happen. Big tubes make me happy, lol.
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