Parks Audio Budgie SE Rev A (purple) - (discontinued)

a 3W single ended EL84 amp for home, work & school

Parks Audio Budgie SE Rev A (purple) - (discontinued)

Postby Shannon Parks » Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:14 am

Manual and BOMs:
Budgie SE Manual Rev A - The parts list is broken down into three sections: Mouser PCB, Mouser Chassis, and other vendor parts. The first two sections are complete with the BOM instant entry links, while the third section is not. But everything - every last nut - should be in that list.

Budgie SE Rev A PCB Parts BOM at Mouser: ... 005438fecd
Budgie SE Rev A Hardware BOM at Mouser: ... f27b41ff21


Cost at a glance:
Mouser PCB parts.........$36
Mouser chassis parts....$62
Other suppliers parts....$109
Budgie SE boards.........$78
Total.......................around $300 (plus shipping costs)

Front Panel Express for custom DIY chassis design: Top Plate File

Rev History:
1/27/15 - Released Rev A. Old manual (for red Budgie SE PCB) is located HERE.
8/21/14 - Added forum link to Front Panel Express file.
10/25/12 - Updated the Mouser Instant Entry for the PCB due to three backordered resistors. Note that schematic has the grid reistsors for the EL84s as 220K - this needs to be updated to match parts list (475K is correct).
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