build progress.

a 3W single ended EL84 amp for home, work & school

build progress.

Postby justinsweber » Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:20 pm

So Im building 3 of these bad boys pretty much to spec... As with most things, the 1st time is ugly. I used ceramic sockets which were too tall, requiring taller standoff.. then I hogged the tube socket holes out a bit to ensure proper fitment only to discover the Chinese tube sockets SUCK, bending tube pins and all. A bit of reverse course, got new correct sockets and used my buddies de-solder station. I still have one ugly solder joint where to resistor eyelets face solder connecting them. That said, mechanical install is nearly done, and I can see the overwhelming quality of the kit... the top plate is super cute. Edcor arrives tue and should allow me to have up and running by end of week. As a bonus, I have a buddy building gorgeous solid wood bases… I added ½” rubber feet, then the metal base fits into the wood base/shirt. It will be solid eastern walnut with a rubbed finish and miter cut. Should add some visual wow.
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