Clementine Chubby - newb questions

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Clementine Chubby - newb questions

Postby pcgab » Wed May 04, 2016 2:21 pm


I'm building a clementine chubby, and have a few questions/clarifications that are likely obvious and I'm just missing them, ha.

1 - The neon bulb mentioned in the documentation:

SW1: Connect pin 1 to the fuse, pin 2 to one side of the primary
and pin 3 to the other side of the primary, as the neon bulb
is parallel to the primary winding.

I don't see any mention of part number, or suggested specs for the neon bulb. Any suggestions? Or did I miss it somewhere?

2 - the switch mentioned above. Will a dpdt 6a / 125v switch work? ... 60-1848-nd

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Re: Clementine Chubby - newb questions

Postby croudyj » Sat May 07, 2016 12:17 am

Hi Gable,

I had the same question. The text doesn't match the schematic which shows a basic on/off switch. Unless I'm mistaken, this looks like a simple case of a switch that breaks the live wire before it reaches the transformer. The text is probably about some special switch with three pins and a built-in neon bulb. I assumed there was some kind of mix-up, ignored it and bought an on/off switch. Of course, I could be completely wrong. I would say the best person to ask really is Shannon. I'd be interested to know if I guessed right.

I'm sure the switch you mentioned will work, but I'd say there's no need for a DPDT switch here. You just need to break the circuit. I bought this switch (which is a bit chunky and I'm having trouble finding a place it will fit): ... ey2FA52-73

For the bulb, I got a simple bulb holder with a red jewel attachment and a 6.3v bulb which I'm planning to connect to the unused 6.3v transformer secondary. If you want to use a 125v neon bulb, I expect you could just connect it across the transformer primary.

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Re: Clementine Chubby - newb questions

Postby TomMcNally » Sat May 07, 2016 8:47 am

It looks like the text about the switch was left over from a cut and paste ... look at the ST-35 manual and parts list if you want a neon bulb switch.
Gable - that part number you show is for a "center off" switch - you don't want that - just an SPST. Simple on/off is all you need.
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Re: Clementine Chubby - newb questions

Postby pcgab » Mon May 09, 2016 9:45 am

John, Tom -
Thank you for the tips, I got everything I need to wrap it up. I found in my parts stash a more appropriate spst 15a switch that I'm going to use.

Thanks for the help!

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