12B4 & 1626 tubes - similarities

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Re: 12B4 & 1626 tubes - similarities

Postby soundbrigade » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:30 am

I am about to start looking for some 12B4A that should be lying around and do some final soldering to my 12B4A darling. The 1626 Darling is, at the moment in a safe place (down in our basement storage room).
As I had a feeling of seeing the end of the tunnel light I started a thread on the Swedish electronics forum. EF, and took this photo of the 1626 compared to 12B4A and 2A3 and also included a Russian 807 and a VT25.

IMG_8660.JPG (123.51 KiB) Viewed 2278 times

Now I wonder, could the VT-25 (Y10) be a candidate for Darling? It has the correct shape, is a triode, should be rated 3/4W but has directly heated filaments.

On the photo, from left to right: 2A3, 1626, 12B4A, VT-25, 807.

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