Genalex KT77 Reissue

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Genalex KT77 Reissue

Postby Fiddler » Tue May 29, 2012 10:23 am

After some tube rolling (6L6, EL34, KT77 and 88) I had decided that the JJ KT77 was the best sounding tube that I had for the 6L6 Clementine.

The only other brand of KT77 that I could find was the Gold Lion/Genalex reissue, which costs more than twice as much as the JJ. I held off...

...and then gave in. The Genalex KT77 looks much like an EL34, a tall, slender bottle with a flat top and a brown base. Right out of the box it sounded very similar to the JJ KT77: extended highs, nice soundstage. After very little break-in the magic began.

I could talk about very solid bottom bass; deep, wide soundstage, details on familiar recordings that were not noticed before. But the real difference is much more than that.

Musical involvement and the complete irrelevance of any audiophile considerations are elements of the magic of this tube. Hi-Fi just goes away. You are present at orchestral performances. Listening to a string quartet you will have no problem hearing and following the viola line if you wish. At a jazz club the liveness is palpable - if you order a drink it might well appear...

If you have a 6L6 Clementine I encourage you to audition this tube. The Gold Lion legend and it's current re-creation seem to be golden indeed.
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