Dynaco a25 versus Klipsch RF-52

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Dynaco a25 versus Klipsch RF-52

Postby nyazzip » Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:07 pm

.....the Dynacos beat out the $600/pair Klipsch, easily, at low/moderate levels. this is after 3-4 years of switching around. the buzz around the Dynacos is well deserved in my opinion. luckily someone has blueprinted the enclosures, so some day in the future i hope to build myslef a "deluxe" edition of them.
application is a huge factor though; if you are trying to entertain a house full of drunken guests who want to dance, the a25s wouldn't cut it, i think. they really do belong in the "bookshelf" category, despite their size. great speakers.
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