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KLH Model Six

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:39 pm
by msmpe
Just picked up a pair of KLH Model Six in pretty good shape: all drivers working, cabs OK, HF switch works well. They sound very much like the reviews say they should sound, decent bass, smooth mids, clean highs. Down in the shop, I "decreased" the HF which noticeably reduced the reflection from the hard surfaces all around. They sound almost as good as my ESS with replacement Vifa woofers. The ESS have a cleaner bass, similarly warm mid range.

The KLH made my latest bread-board amp - SE 6AV5 triode strapped running on 310V @ 70mA with 12AX7 unbypassed no GFB - sound much better, less silebence (SP) in the mid range. The inexpensive PT31 OPT put out the bass!

I should try them on my other amps for comparison. The KLH and my Bogen AP60 should be a great combination - when the Bogen gets rebuilt... The shop amp is (dare I say) old transistor, I will test the KLH with that amp in the AM.

These KLH are the early version with the epoxied in grill - so I suppose the drivers are glued in too. I'd like to get in to see the woofer surrounds and replace the caps. Any suggestions??