get*set*go docs & mods (discontinued)

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get*set*go docs & mods (discontinued)

Postby Shannon Parks » Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:55 am

get*set*go manual

Cut-N-Paste Mouser Bill of Materials (BOM):
get*set*go BOM for PCB
get*set*go BOM for hardware
get*set*go BOM for PCB Mouser Direct Link
get*set*go BOM for hardware Mouser Direct Link

Choke: $9 1H choke at Mouser, theC354 type choke, or the Hammond 156R
Output transformers: Edcor GXSE15-8-3.5K (8 ohm version), Transcendar TT-017-OT or TT-311-OT, James 6112HS, or any 3.5K SE output
Power transformers: PA774 from Triode Electronics or the Edcor XPWR005-120 (also the XPWR005-120/240 for 240VAC)

Several Chassis Files:
Front Panel Express File (Right Click and "Save Target As...")
My First Chassis Top DXF (Right Click and "Save Target As...")
Drawing with Outlines DXF (Right Click and "Save Target As...")
Nineno's Future C-Bend Chassis with Neutriks DXF (Right Click and "Save Target As...")
Tom McNally's Chassis Top DXF (Right Click and "Save Target As...")

Popular Mods:
Mods for the GSG to use 300B tubes - LINK

Rev History:
7/1/12 - Updated BOM to reflect new schottky diode source. Many new links this page. New transformer suggestions. Added Paypal link.
4/6/09 - Added Mouser Direct Links.
7/19/08 - Updated BOM and parts list.
9/23/07 - Reverted BOM to pre-7/27/07 as Mouser has parts in stock.
7/27/07 - Edited BOM only due to backordered Mouser parts: the 270k plate resistors and the 51 ohm 'hum pot' resistors.
6/28/07 - Edited manual to fix some errors.
6/24/07 - Added open source CAD files from Nineno for chassis development.
6/1/07 - Added Front Panel Express file (this is Tom McNally's edit). Update to manual with added front cover and assembly drawing. Updated BOM and parts list with the 2.7k, 3W cathode resistors. As Ed Brown mentions, a 4.7k (1W or better) could be used with the 3.3k network version to support Sovteks better. Old stock is happy either way. Still some references to the 3.3k resistors and a few other minor errors that I will clean up later, but the parts list & BOM should be good.
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