Weller Solder Station Repair

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Weller Solder Station Repair

Postby snitch56 » Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:02 pm

I found a Weller EC1001analog solder station (circa 1985?) in the garbage, Took it apart and cleaned it up and noticed that the temperature control board was broke in half. It appears that someone had dropped the unit. The board is real thin white ceramic with tin traces. Unfortunately the board broke right where all the traces go into the main chip which was encapsulated in that cross-linked black epoxy. I dissolved the epoxy with paint remover and glued the board to some FRP. I now need to complete the traces, the problem is they are thin and get absorbed in the solder. My next step will be to use a circuitwriter pen and maybe some conductive epoxy. Are there any other ideas that may work?
Thanks in advance
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