Need a bit of assistance wiring up Poseidon in MKIV

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Need a bit of assistance wiring up Poseidon in MKIV

Postby highflyin9 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:05 pm

Hopefully people are still here :(

I'm working on building a pair of MKIVs, however between the Poseidon board and the Classic Valve Cap board, I'm a bit confused. This is the Cap board and schematic:



These are the two transformers from DynaKitParts:



...and this is what I have so far:


So some questions regarding the cap board:

1. Would the "rectifier output" connection be pin 8 on the 5AR4?

2. Assuming "power ground output" means the black wire on the A-470? ... would this also be run to the negative speaker terminal?

3. For Transformer Bias Tap, would that be Red/Black on the PA-135?

4. For Transformer Center tap, would that be red/yellow on the PA-135?

5. Where do eyelet #6 and #8 correspond on the Poseiden?

Sorry for all the rudimentary questions. While I can make assumptions, I want to ensure everything is exactly correct and consulting the experts is always important! :)
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