A 6BQ5 Pushpull Amplifier - Motorola HS-696C

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Re: A 6BQ5 Pushpull Amplifier - Motorola HS-696C

Postby Brik » Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:50 pm

The 0.001" nickel plating really made a big difference in appearance. (banana)

The plating shop quoted me the minimum charge of $150 for up to 10 items $) =:o , but when I told them that I had only one chassis to be
plated, they reduced the estimate to $45 with the understanding that it will be done "piggy backed" to other customers' batch, and
uniformity cannot be guaranteed.

I took that cheaper option. :))
Perhaps I should have shopped around...

What I noticed is that, all the imperfections and deeper scratches from the aggressive sanding and left over solder coating and flux
remnants on the bare chassis showed up on the final finish.

I am curious as to what the nickel plated chassis would look like in another 50 years. O:)

The original power transformer is built like a tank, but the original output transformer's primary winding wire is one of the thinnest
one I've seen.

It's a far cry from the quality construction of Dynaco Z565s.
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